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NT Santos City2Surf Festival This Weekend

Australia’s longest running annual capital city fun run continues this weekend as the NT Santos City2Surf Festival turns 49.

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NT Santos City2Surf Festival Now Open

Entries are now open for the 49th NT Santos City2Surf Festival.

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Second Largest Field Ever for NT Santos City2Surf 25 June 2021

At the close of online entries last night, 1685 runners and walkers had enrolled to participate in the 48th edition of the NT Santos City2Surf this Sunday.

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Indigenous Marathon Foundation Set to Storm #NTC2S

120 members of the Rob de Castella led Indigenous Marathon Foundation (IMF) have signed up to participate in this months NT Santos City2Surf.

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Olympian Milly Clark to Battle the Boys in Darwin

Australia’s number 1 marathoner from the 2016 Rio Olympics, Milly Clark, will line up in the 2021 NT Santos City2Surf.

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Change of date in 2020

With the impacts of COVID-19 considered, we provide an update on the event date in 2020.

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